School Programs

As you can see from the picture, for decades children have been visiting McAllister. Each year hundreds of kids go through the museum .

We work with the Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) Young Eagles program which gives young people 8 – 17 years of age the experience of basic ground instruction and a free airplane ride. The cost of the fuel, the use of the aircraft, and the piloting are all donated by local, civic-minded, private pilots. The Young Eagles program was originally offered only once a year but, is now offered year round. Participation must start with a personal visit to the museum for sign-up and making necessary arrangements.

We wish to acknowledge and give credit to the volunteers who, in the spirit of community service, make all these activities and resources available.


Benefits of Being a Member

While the McAllister Museum of Aviation has a strong financial base in the endowment left in Charlie’s will, the operation is sustained in part by memberships, donations, and the sale of aviation fuel.

The benefit to members include voting rights, access to the museum library, reception of the quarterly newsletter, and the knowledge that they are supporting Charlie McAllister’s legacy of aviation history in the valley!

The Museum of Flight: A reciprical agreement was recently concluded with The Museum of Flight in Seattle. Among other benefits, McAllister Museum members may now use their membership card for admittance to the Museum of Flight. Another good reason to become a member!

You might find it interesting that there is still a cadre of individuals who were friends of Charlie’s that visit the museum regularly. You could expect to meet some old friends and acquaintances or make some new ones when you drop in.

Membership Categories & Fees

Limited (non voting) $15 per year
Veteran (voting) $15 per year
Regular (individual) $30 per year
Regular (family) $50 per year
Supporting (family) $75 per year
Patron (family) $100 per year
Sustaining (family lifetime) $1000 (one time payment)
Business $200 per year

How to Become a Member

To become a member of the McAllister Museum of Aviation, simply print the Membership Application, fill it out, and send it, along with a check for the membership fee, to:

McAllister Museum of Aviation
2008 S. 16th Ave.
Yakima, WA 98903

Become Involved

VOLUNTEERS — We always need more!

Under “normal” circumstances we have four volunteers who do the docent/working duty every Thursday morning, another two regulars for Thursday afternoons, two Friday morning regulars, and still another two for Friday afternoons. And “normal” circumstances have Roberta in the museum all day on Saturdays, which means only one or two volunteers need to be scheduled for Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon.

But, that’s just when things are “normal.” If something unexpected comes up — such as a family or medical issue — volunteers are needed to fill in for the “regulars.” We have a few dedicated members who can be counted on to fill in in a pinch, but we can always use more backup volunteers.

And, we really need more volunteers for Saturday shifts. Some on our volunteer list are available only on Saturdays, but not every Saturday.

Getting into the volunteer docent program is easy and painless. After “signing up,” a new volunteer will be given a training manual containing written information about a docent’s duties and a video outlining docent procedures. New volunteers also get “on the job” training with an experienced docent.

Doing the docent thing can be an enjoyable experience, and docents can meet some interesting people. You never know who’s going to drop in.

If you want to join our group of volunteers you can phone me — Liggett Taylor — at 453-6904 or send an e-mail.Click to Send an Email.